Update on Revising

Revising this paper has been challenging by rewarding. There have been two huge pieces of feedback that I have been incorporating into my paper. One was stylistic changes. I am often told that I can be very wordy in my writing and it is a challenge to keep my language tightened up. I have been working through all my paragraphs to condense my language. The other piece of advice that I am incorporating is to go into greater detail in certain parts of my paper. For example, I have gone into greater detail on Word Youth Day and why it is important. These details flesh out the paper and make it come more alive

More Revising

The most satisfying part of revising is seeing my paper come together. I have had my ideas on another Angelica for months and I am finally finishing up this paper. It is cool to tweak and fix the grand ideas I had back in October. The most frustrating experience is feeling like there is always more to fix on the paper. It is the curse of writing that there is always something one can improve on. I will get to the point that I will feel confident in this paper to the point that I will hand it in.

At this point in the revising process, I need to continue to flesh out the ideas already in the paper. Once I am able to add detail to these smaller sections, I believe that I will be ready to hand it in.

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