Revising the Draft

Revising is always my favorite part of writing a paper. When I am able to edit my work, I am able to improve what I have already written. In general, I believe that the process is going well. I used the advice provided by my professors and classmates to create a more ordered paper. For example, discussions with these people gave me that idea that I should focus on Mother Angelica’s disagreements with church hierarchy instead of abortion. I have more concrete examples of Mother Angelica’s view of the clergy than of her opinions on abortion. I would not have reached this conclusion without these conversations.


Moving forward, I will integrate this feedback into my paper. I plan to tidy up the prose in the sections that are already written. I tend to be very wordy in my writing. I will work harder to streamline my work in order for the writing to make sense. I will also go into more detail on World Youth Day 1993. I previously did not explain the background of WYD, and it is essential to understanding Mother Angelica. I will also detail her positions on the religious hierarchy and gender in order to provide a cleaner view of how her views transformed over the 90s. Finally, I will demonstrate how these views manifest in modern EWTN by providing articles that share Mother Angelica’s views.

All of these changes will work towards making my paper a better piece of work.

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