Presenting my paper was an amazing experience. I believe that it was a small example of my experience in the course as a whole. For the presentation, I worked hard to compile my entire research project into about ten minutes. When I was giving the presentation, I felt great. It was a combination of working on the paper for months with my public presentation skills. I think the most important part of the experience was presenting to a group of friends and family who I value very much.

I believe that this presentation was the manifestation of my entire experience with the Ramonat seminar. Just like how this presentation was centered on intense preparation and study, this seminar was focused on working hard to create the best product possible. The presentation was focused on putting together the best sources possible. In a similar way, this semester was centered on finding the best sources possible.

In sum, I believe that the Ramonat seminar was an important part of my development as a scholar and a Catholic. I am planning to enter a ministry position next year. This course provided a view of the Catholic Church in America that I believe will provide me with a good outlook to share. How can people grow as Catholics in America without a sense of their background. I believe that this course will be one of the cornerstones of my future.

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